Windows 10 – DON’T DO IT

Microsoft continue to pressure and cajole Windows users into accepting a free upgrade to their latest version of Windows – Windows 10.  You have probably seen the upgrade notices pop up in the bottom right corner of your Windows screen.

Windows 10 has some great advantages.

But we have not yet heard of anyone who has had a successful upgrade.  In the last three weeks we have encountered three separate PCs with horrible woes after the Windows 10 upgrade.  Email and Outlook seem to always come out badly leaving one unable to access email properly.  Yesterday we visited a client who could not even log on to her computer and so could not print her airline boarding pass.

Whenever an upgrade of Windows is considered, we always suggest a complete wipe of the computer and then a fresh install of Windows and have been recommending this for over 10 years; before Microsoft even thought about creating Windows 10.  In contrast, Microsoft feel that upgrading the existing Windows to Windows 10 will work flawlessly.  It does not!

Please get advice before clicking on and accepting the Windows 10 upgrade prompts, however persuasive they may seem.  Talk to someone in the IT game that you trust, even if that is not us.

Our strong advice to all clients is: DO NOT accept an upgrade to Windows 10.


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